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3 Things I’ve Learned from 6 Months of Job Searching

I had very strict criteria for myself going into my senior year of college. Besides making a class schedule that is ideal for every senior battling a tough case of senioritis, I knew I wanted to secure a job before graduating. The goal was to enjoy my last year in school without the uncertainty and stress of an after college… Read more →


A Much Needed Break

Spring break: an escape to warmer destinations to soak up the sun and forget about the stresses that student-athlete life brings. After the long frigid winter weather and lack of sleep, spring break is a much needed time for relaxation and rejuvenation. A recharge. So I escaped to Punta Cana with three fellow stressed out, overwhelmed and over worked college… Read more →


Thank You, Training Partners

Training for any NCAA Division I competitive sport is not easy. It’s time consuming, tiring, and draining – both physically and mentally.  My personal bias aside,  I think every track and field athlete will agree that competitive running is one of the most mentally exhausting and physically demanding sports. Practices consist of running, running, and more running. Rain or shine.… Read more →


The Realization: Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In 3 months I’m ending a very comfortable chapter of my life to enter possibly the scariest one yet. My anxiety is going through the roof. As corny as it sounds, I’m about to embark on the start of the rest of my life. Every other college grad is also entering the abyss of the unknown but of course, I think my experience is… Read more →


Thank you, KQ

Choosing a college was a very clear cut decision for me. I knew exactly what I wanted 1. A D1 track team 2. Close to a city but not directly in it 3. Communications as a major 4. Close enough to home to escape whenever but far enough to make it seem like I’m ‘away’ With such specific criteria, I… Read more →


How To Recover After Overindulging: The 3 Rs

Track season is officially over & DOWNTIME is what every athlete looks forward to. Knowing I have absolutely no physically draining obligations is a feeling of relief. If I want to be a vegetable on the couch all day, sleep &  binge watch Game of Thrones I can (& probably will). I’m definitely a little sad about the season ending but we ended on… Read more →


The Best Post Workout Recovery Drink

If you haven’t herd, low-fat chocolate milk is the ultimate post-workout recovery drink! This probably isn’t new news for runners or people who frequently workout, but for those who usually opt for a post-workout protein shake, banana or just plain water, you might want to reconsider. Chocolate milk isn’t for every ‘active’ person. If you’re just going for a casual… Read more →